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If you’ve come here seeking out the very best in homework help tips and techniques to ensure the success of your child during this current school year, you’ve come to the right place!

Have Little Ones?

Check Out is THE PLACE where caring parents like you, come to find unique resources that will help you and your child get out of the rut of homework woes and start to breathe freely during your learning time together!

It’s a safe place, of sorts, where parents who’ve made different schooling choices for their children can find—without judgment—better homework help tips and ideas to help their individual children succeed.

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Your Opinion Please

Is your Elementary 
Aged Child Headed 
for Reading Struggles!

First Things First

No matter what you’ve been told, I want you to know that you are THE most important Homework help tool your child could have! 

You are the coach;

     You are the fan club;

          You are the advocate.  

Without you your child may stagger along.  With you your child can soar.

You are the tool that can create a masterpiece.

Because of this, I refuse to talk down to you.  I feel that you are a parent who wants the best for your child, just like me.  I feel that your being here, at this website, means that you are serious about your child succeeding.

So I will honor the fact that you are a researcher when it comes to your child.

When I use words like grapheme, morpheme, or other rarely used words, I try to give definitions or create charts for better understanding.  

However, I'm sure that if I don't remember, you will diligently seek out what you need to ensure the success of your child.

Thanks for being that kind of parent.  I've seen first hand how It makes a world of difference.

Come One, Come All

  • Your child may be traditionally schooled (public, private, or charter); 
  • You may be considering full-time homeschool or seeking out the perfect tutor; 
  • You may be looking for proven ways to prepare for your child’s upcoming state assessment test;
  • You may have been completely caught off guard by the news that your child is struggling and may not even pass the current grade; 
  • You may be trying find some fun math games or reading and writing resources to keep your advanced learner ahead of the learning curve;

Whatever your reason for being here, will empower you to creatively and purposely utilize what you already know about your child, along with some new discoveries to gather a personalized mix of tips, techniques, and homework help tools.

You can create a thriving home learning environment and put your child on the path to scholastic success.

Out of the Ordinary Homework Help

Ordinary homework time consists of you trying to get your child to find the correct answers to the given material.

I want to challenge you to go beyond the ordinary!

I want to show you how a little innovative thinking and some creativity can help you super charge homework time and really begin to see your child excel! -- NOT just for this school year BUT for all the years to come! 

You see, your homework help struggles may arise because your child's school materials may NOT be a good fit.


The materials may not be complete enough to address ALL of your child’s unique needs.

If this is not corrected, it can create detrimental learning gaps in even the brightest of children.

Of course, you can't just get rid of the materials so, the key to resolving this issue is supplementing with unique, individualized homework help resources instead of watching your child fall further and further behind while trying—in frustration-- to use the one-size-fits-all materials that have been given.

This is what Afterschool Homeschooling is all about! Finding the right fit for your child.

Refuse to Settle

I know you want more than better grades and higher test scores for your child.  You want long lasting retention and a firm grasp on the basic subjects.

By making the choice to home school AFTER school you can help your child to find--and hold onto--intellectual freedom.

This is because afterschool homeschooling empowers you to go beyond homework help.  It puts you in control and allows your child to grow in ways that are simply not possible any other way.

The benefits are tremendous!

By homeschooling AFTER traditional school, you’ll:

  • Have a stronger grasp on where your child is academically!
  • Begin to improve your child’s current grades and academic understanding!
  • Strengthen the bond with your child!
  • Begin to feel the pride that comes when you play a major role in helping your child succeed academically!
  • Boost confidence and academic ownership in your child!
  • Make learning easier in your home; in the classroom; in life!

Moving Forward

Ready to get started?

Great!  We’ll use a process that I call: Finding the Gem

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Open the Door to Endless Opportunities!

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