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About originally had a different name and a different concept:  State proficiency test assistance.

The thought was conceived when, at worship service, I noticed so many parents requesting prayers for their kids to pass the state proficiency test.

Many were stressed before the test and either elated or downtrodden after the test.

What an emotional rollercoaster! 

The first year I didn’t think much about it.

The second year I took a mental note. 

The third year I thought, “This should not be.  Parents ought to feel confident that their children have indeed learned enough in the nine months leading up to the test to be successful on the test.  They should be able to sleep easy at night. ”

I just believe that,  after a full school year of learning, children deserve to walk into a test room knowing that  they have all of the tools necessary to succeed. 

Yes!  We All Can Get Along.

Yes, I am a homeschooler.  Aside, from a small stint at preschool for my oldest, my kids have never sat a school desk.  In fact, my children have only been inside a public school building twice.

Once to pick up a younger cousin of mine; once to accompany me at voting.

I have ‘officially’ homeschooled for about eleven years.  Yet, I am no longer interested in the whole homeschool vs public school debate.

This debate—which should be called: Homeschool vs traditional (public, private, charter) school debate—can get very heated.

I have been there, and yes, I am still quite capable of defending my decision to home school.  It is, to me, one of the very best decisions I could have made for my little ones.  The benefits have proven insurmountable in the face of opposition. It is a lot of work but it has been and continues to be well worth it.

I have come to realize, however, that it should not be a battle between parents on who is better: Homeschooled kids or traditionally schooled kids.

The facts are in.  Children are suffering academically.  It is no point in arguing about whose kid is turning out better.  

Doesn't every parent think that their kid is the best anyway?

It is time to get down to the business of strengthening our children.

Long gone are the days when children are competing with fellow countrymen to get a job.

Nowadays, the competition is global.

Because of this, I have decided to gather--in one place—what I have found to be the very best in Reading Resources, Writing Resources, and Math Resources to help any child succeed.

Our kids, whether home schooled, public schooled, private schooled, or charter schooled, are all growing up.

One day your child may hire my child or my child may hire your child.  I believe that we should strive to give them ALL the very best so that they can succeed--TOGETHER.

Just think.  One day you and I will be too old to bicker with one another about homeschool vs public school or about whose kid is turning out best.  

We will need them at their best to do their best at taking care of us.

Let’s help them succeed… TOGETHER! 

Then we will leave them to bicker about which is better: 

Home care or nursing home care?

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Please peruse.

There are resources for Reading, Writing, Math and more! I am sure you will find something worth your while.

Math HelpHelping you to take the fear out of providing Math homework help by taking advantage of your child's unique learning style, current situation, and current skill level.

Reading Help: Learning to read is a major milestone in your child's life.  Help your child improve reading skills with a creative, individualized approach that gets lifelong results.

Math Curriculum:  There’s a plethora of Math resources--from worksheets to online; parent guided to tutoring; traditional to “outside-the-box”.  Read reviews and choose what makes your child soar!

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