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Your child's classroom environment may be a factor you have never considered when it comes to his grades or test scores, but it is truly something to consider if you want to provide better homework help. 


Classroom Environment STRESS--A Story

I was tutoring a young lady not too long ago.  When I met her I was told that she struggled in reading and math and that she failed our state's assessment test at her grade level.

During my initial assessment of her reading and math I was able to see that she did indeed struggle in math but everything seemed to go rather smoothly in reading. 

On our second session together I gave her the online version of the actual released test from a previous year.  She had never seen this test so I assumed she would take quite a bit of time to complete it. 

She whizzed right through it!

I'll admit, I initially thought she must have just answered the questions without actually trying in order to finish quickly. 

Boy, was I surprised! She did GREAT!

This confused me because she failed the test when it was administered at school and from my experience with these tests, I know that, although they do vary throughout the school years, the overall objectives are very similar because they are created to meet the same standards.

 I asked her why she thought she didn't do so well during the end-of-year assessment test.

Her reply, "They don't separate you and there was a lot of noise in there."

I was shocked to say the least.  I know that classroom stress can be very real and the classroom environment can be rowdy at times but it never dawned on me that this could be the case during testing.  Especially a test of the magnitude of the End of Year Assessment test.



I admit, I am far removed from the classroom setting but when I was growing up Test Taking 101 dictated that students be allowed some semblance of quietude in order to be successful on their exam.

That was doubly the case when it came to end-of-course exams and triply the case for end-of-year tests.   

It wasn't always perfect but it was definitely attempted and tests didn't even mean so much back then!

I am quite certain that this young lady's experience is not the norm but if you type ‘noisy classrooms’ in a search engine you will find that it is no anomaly either.  Classroom environment is a very real concern for many.

Again, it may have never dawned on you to consider classroom stress as reason your child may struggle in some subjects but noise level and overall classroom stress are definitely factors to consider.

ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) has put out a brochure to help teachers create a more ‘sound friendly’ classroom environment.

Newly updated! “The Noisy Classroom: How to create a listening-friendly classroom” brochure discusses how high levels of noise and reverberation can negatively affect educational achievement for children with normal hearing as well as those with hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, attention deficit disorder, and learning disabilities. This brochure provides helpful suggestions, in easy to understand language, for improving the acoustics of noisy classrooms. 

If you determine that classroom stress is causing learning problems for your child you may suggest the brochures to your child’s teacher.

You also may want to ask many questions about your child's classroom environment in general and definitely on any test day.

Click Here For Question Suggestions

Ask whatever you need to know.  It may seem awkward and the questions may be met with odd or irritated looks but remember:

It is YOUR child who will ultimately succeed or fail.

This is all part of the beginning stages of providing homework help that gets results. 

Finding out ALL you need to know will help you to set up the best afterschool homeschool possible.


In the case of the young lady that I was tutoring, the teachers did push to have her moved along to the next grade.

Imagine for a moment, your child sitting there fully capable of not only conquering a test but handling the work of the next grade level.  It would be devastating to them to be held back just because of a chaotic classroom environment. 

A truly undeserved punishment.

Again, you are truly the most important advocate they have.

Classroom Environment...Something to consider...

Homework Help > Finding The Gem > Noisy Classroom

Homework Help > Learning Difficulties > Noisy Classroom

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