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Situations That Cause
Learning Difficulties

Although learning disabilities can and do contribute to learning difficulties, there are many situations that can affect your child’s understanding and retention in the subjects of Reading, Writing, and Math.

Therefore, a distinction has been made here on


We know that a lack of individualized education resources may be one situation that can cause learning difficulty.  Of course, we know that you cannot simply ditch your child’s school curriculum so when the time is right you can find the appropriate curriculum supplements.

We also know that being mindful of your child’s leading learning style is important to consider. This is because having an understanding of the way your child learns best puts you in a position to provide more effective homework help.


When it comes to finding ways to provide better homework help it is wise to leave no stone unturned.  There are, indeed, more situations to consider.  It may have never crossed your mind how drastically some—seemingly minor—situations could cause challenges for your child.

Some situations are more internal such as Math anxiety or a fear of reading in front of others.

Other situations are more external like chaotic or noisy classroom environments.

Some situations can be easily corrected by something as simple as obtaining Reading glasses or adding exercise and nutritious meals.

Others are considered lifelong challenges that must be accepted and worked through such as true learning disabilities.

Whatever the situation, be committed to uncovering it. 

This is all part of the process of 'Finding the Gem'—that perfect homework help tool(or tools) that help your child to finally say, “I got it!  I understand it now.” 

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You may be surprised to find that there are several situations causing your child difficulties.

DO NOT let this discourage you.   The goal—the academic success of your child—is still the same.

Even if you are overwhelmed continue on.

Continue to do your research.  Continue to ask pertinent questions.  Continue to take notes.

Organize yourself.

As you uncover new situations, address them one at a time.

It may be a slow going process initially, however, the end goal—your successful child—is worth all of the effort.

Your advocacy will make all the difference.

Getting ALL the details NOW can help save you and your child from stress and frustration in the future.

Leave no stone unturned.  Advocate for your child.


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Learning Difficulties

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