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Learning Styles
The Purpose


Your child will process information in a way that is unique.  He may process information best by sight, by sound, or, perhaps, by touch.

These preferences, along with others, have been given the name Learning Styles and they are very important.

Although some contest the validity, I believe having a working knowledge of the way your child learns is the first step in Finding the Gem you need to provide the best homework help.

There is such a variety out there as to the way these Styles are classified.  

The model that I have found to be the most useful is Neil Fleming's VAK/VARK model. (Not to be confused with Howard Gardner’s, Theory of Multiple Intelligences.)

It uses 4 of the most basic Styles of learning 

  1. Visual Learner
  2. Auditory Learner
  3. Read/ Write Learner
  4. Kinesthetic/Tactile Learner

Understanding which of these four styles your child currently prefers to process information with will help you answer many questions.

  • Why are my child’s current materials not working?
  • Why does my child do better with some teachers than with others?
  • How can I best reach and teach my child at home so that there is greater balance and he stops struggling from year to year.
How to request a teacher that

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Do you remember when you thought your baby was the smartest baby around? 

You were impressed at every turn. 

Now your precious baby is struggling in class and homework time is driving you both batty. 

What happened?  What changed in your child?

Maybe it is not your child that changed.  Maybe it is you.

As an infant, when he didn’t like a toy he was not required to play with it. He played with what he liked. 

He got the most joy, the most experience, and the most education that way.

You, in turn, followed suit and began to get him similar toys and your precious baby learned more skills and impressed you even more.  

If you’re like me, you probably wrote about these events in a journal, grabbed a video camera, or phoned a grandparent.

He played, he played, and he played. 

In the midst of it all he learned; he learned; and he learned. 

He learned so much.

He learned what he liked and at the same time he learned what was necessary. 

It all happened simultaneously. 

He was not considered behind and He was not labeled with a disability.

There were many smiles, cheers, and hand claps.

No one was drained or frustrated in the process.

One day all that changed.  

What was it?  

To find out what may have happened keep on reading about Learning Styles.

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Learning Styles: The Purpose

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