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Learning Styles
The Take Away


When it comes to Learning Styles there are some things you will want to do as well as some things you will definitely NOT want to do.


PLEASE DO Give praise where praise is due.

As you go down this journey of finding unique resources for your child you will begin to see more clearly the unique talents (Smarts) that your child ALREADY has.

Try to embrace and enhance these areas.  

You may be working on teaching a particular skill but don’t neglect or downplay the skills that are already there.

PLEASE DO Stay in tune with your child.

Remember that your child may not always prefer to lead with the same style at all times or in all situations.

You will need to stay aware.  Be mindful of what your child is saying to you, both in words as well as in actions.  It worked when he was an infant.  It can work now.

The way your child processes information is different and unique.  I learned this years ago during a learning lesson with my oldest two daughters.

PLEASE DO Advocate for your child.

Speak with your child’s teacher and find out if some of the techniques that you find useful at home can be implemented in the classroom.

If your child’s teacher is willing to work with you, great!  If not, work harder at home to ensure the success of your child.

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PLEASE DO NOT label your child.  

Your child is NOT 

  • Visual
  • Auditory 
  • Read/ Write
  • Kinesthetic (Tactile) 

Your child is your child who prefers to learn in a certain way… at this time.

As you may have noticed on the two previous pages(LS1LS2), I use the terms ‘leading’ or ‘preferred’ Learning Style.  

This is intentional as I want it to be known that your child may receive information more readily with one style but is quite capable of learning-- and WILL DEFINITELY BENEFIT—from a mix.

Your child is NOT a Learning Style.


Again, your child may not have a teacherr who is willing to work with you as you try to find better ways to engage your child.

Don't get discouraged to the point of giving up.

Continue to work hard for your child.

Teachers generally change from year to year.  Perhaps, eventually your child will get someone who is willing to work with you.


As adults we sometimes think it is all about us.   We get our kids what we want them to have because it is what we want them to have.

We teach them the way we like because it worked so well for us.

Let your child be who he is. 

Teach him in a way he will learn.

Homework Help > Styles: The Take Away

Learning Styles-The Take Away

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