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A Treasure Trove of Options

If you are here, you have probably already figured out your child’s learning style, the complete Math Situation, and your child’s current Math Skill level. 

Now is the time to choose your Sources.

You probably don’t know how many Math Resources you have available for your afterschool homeschool.  Fact is, most people don’t.  They just know about what is given at their child’s school and maybe of the Math supplements and flash cards found in the school/office aisle at the local department store.  

Some full-time homeschoolers don’t even know what is available to them beyond their preferred homeschool catalog.

Check out your Math Curriculum choices below.

Well, you should know that you have many Math resources for your afterschool homeschool.

I won’t pretend to know of EVERY Math curriculum, but I do know that the available resources for teaching kids Math come in all shapes and sizes.  

You are sure to find something that will appeal to your individual child with their individual learning styles and perceptions.

There are Math workbooks, worksheets, and textbooks.

There are Math DVDs and other software.

There are many online math programs and even some fun-filled online Math games.

And of course, there is always the local tutoring/ learning center.

Some of these Math programs are very traditional.  

Some of my favorites, like Life of Fred and Vedic Maths, are so NOT traditional.

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Have fun researching and reviewing these Sources.  I get so excited trying to find what works for my children.  When I find a match I really do feel as though I have found a gem.

Also, don’t be afraid to start your child off with material that is clearly easy for their abilities.  

It is actually recommended because you want any gaps to be filled in and you want your child to be as comfortable as possible during the process.

We want your child to have a bit of fun, too! 

Too much struggle initially is NOT fun and NOT beneficial.

Remember to have patience--especially if you choose something a bit less traditional.


Initially, I was just going to list the programs that I have experience with.

However, when it comes to Math I ALWAYS choose at least two Sources

Therefore, I thought you'd benefit from more options as well.

I realized that if I gave you only what I liked the information would become like one of those limited catalogs I spoke of.  

My children are not yours and some of the Math curricula that had no appeal to me may be your Math Gem.

I have enough children to know that variety rules when it comes to Math Curriculum.

This is why I am choosing to give you a brief intro to most of the curricula and full review for the programs that I have experience with.

Please, bare with me as I slowly add them.

And for fun, I ask that you help other Afterschool Homeschooing parents by leaving some of your own reviews!


Life of Fred

Vedic Maths

Homework Help > Math Curriculum
Math Curriculum

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