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Math Homework Help

In order to find your Math Homework Help Gem(s) you will need to assess your child.

As always, I am NOT just talking about a test.  

Finding your Math Gem(s) consists you getting to know more about your child’s Learning Style, the complete Math Situation, and your child’s current Math Skills.  

This, in turn, will help you pick out the proper Sections, Sources, and Set-up to provide the best Math help for your Afterschool Homeschool.


Having a working knowledge of your child's learning style will help you to find the proper Sources and most effective ways to implement them.


As I always suggest, keep in direct contact with your child’s Math teacher.  

Ask for an honest, detailed assessment.  Be candid.  Ask questions—as many as you need. 

Ask questions like:

  • When did any Math struggles begin?
  • Will any struggles effect grade promotion?
  • What is being done in the classroom to assist?
  • Where does my child sit in the classroom?

You should walk away from this meeting feeling as if you have the necessary details about the current situation as well as sections your child requires the most math help in.  

BONUS: As an added benefit, speaking candidly with your child’s teacher will give you and the teacher the opportunity to walk in step to ensure the math help you provide will immediately benefit your child in the classroom.

You will also want to research the topics of Math Phobia/Math Anxiety as well as Dyscalculia (a Math learning disability).

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Ready for that Math Test?

Great! You’ve got three options.

         1.  You can utilize a Math curriculum as many of them have placement    tests available.

         2.  You can utilize the Math portion from a sample or released version of your state’s assessment test.

         3.  You can have your child tested at an outside tutoring agency.

Each option will give you an accurate representation of your child’s current Math skills.

Each option has its own individual benefits:

Math Curriculum

  • Gives accurate representation of your child’s Math skill level.
  • Allows you to sample source providers that you may be considering as an addition to your Afterschool Homeschool.
  • Many choices:  some online/ some printed.

Some options include Singapore, Teaching Textbooks, Aleks, and Time4Learning.

Released State Test

  • Gives accurate representation of your child’s Math skill level
  • Gives you the opportunity to assist your child with test preparation.
  • Your child practices test taking skills.
  • Your child gets exposure to some math problems similar to those that will be on the REAL test.
  • You can choose between online and printed versions
  • Totally FREE

NOTE:  If your state doesn’t have released tests or you’re looking for an online version and it doesn’t have one, try a test from a different state.  Your child will still get valuable test taking practice and you will have the opportunity to guide them so that there is less anxiety on the real test day.

Outside Tutor

  • Allows for a quick start to instruction while you are in the beginning stages of sorting out the details for your Afterschool Homeschool.
  • Gives you another set of eyes
  • Online options as well as in center options
Some options include: WyzAnt local tutor finder!

Sylvan, Hungtington, Kumon, Math Monkey, Mathnasium, and Tutorfi.

My recommendation:

ALL options will give you an idea of what areas your child is solid and what areas may be unintended learning gaps?  So I recommend you choose what works for your situation—which includes your time and budget, your comfort zone, as well as your child’s preferred mode of learning.  

However, I beg you; please DO NOT forsake the state placement test.  In today’s classroom, state assessment tests play a major role and having your child prepared counts for so much.  I have found this education resource to be invaluable when it comes to easing Math test anxiety .

Homework Help > Math Help > Math Homework Help Gem

Homework Help > Finding The Gem > Math Homework Help Gem
Math Homework Help

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