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So, you know you are a homeschooler when you value learning so much that you allow your daughter to play an educational game of Sudoku on your iPhone—even though it is certain to ruin your twenty game stats.

Oh to be a grown-up...

Seriously, I was reluctant to let her play.

I can 't help it, though.  There are so many learning opportunities on these smart phones that most of us have.

Tablets as well. (In fact, some Sylvan Learning Centers are incorporating tablets/pads into their repertoire of learning resources.)

I find great enjoyment watching my kids learn.


  • If you have older children, they can find many learning APPS at their level.  My older kids, sometimes, use my smartphone for APPS like Sudoku, soroban, and Vedic Maths. But mostly, they use it for reading classic books and even the bible! 
  • Younger kids get to work those little fingers and learn so much. Educational APPS for kids are great for learning and add an element of tactile learning that is so beneficial at that age.

    My preschooler's current favorite is the APP.

  • Teeny Tiny Ones--I even watch my toddlers (Yes. That is toddlers with an ‘s’) scroll through my phone choosing what they want to learn. 

There are so many options:

There are educational APPs for Reading, Math, and even Writing.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, please let your children get familiar with some of the educational APPS (chosen by you of course.)


You will want--NEED--to ensure that you have the proper protection on your phone.

I know you already know this, but smartphones are extremely delicate.  

I have had my phone tossed in the toilet, thrown in the bathtub, dropped, stepped on.  You name it.  It even went missing for a week because one of my toddlers placed at the bottom of the laundry basket.

I couldn't find it and I couldn't hear it ringing under the clothing.

I know, I should be more careful. 

One day, perhaps. 

For now, I just make sure that I have protection on my phone.  That way, all seven of my babies will have an opportunity to learn on my phone at what ever stage they may be at.

As a homeschooler, the feeling I get when one of my kids learns something new seems all worth it for me.


25% off select tablet and eReader cases!

There are a few GREAT options.

I currently have a Lifeproof.  It has served me well.  It has protected my iPhone from the many dangers of the small hands and curious minds I have in my home.

It is rather sleek and comes in many colors. 

The OtterBox is the most widely used and they now have series that are completely waterproof.

I know one of the complaints is that the Otterbox is bulky.

Not anymore.

  • They are constantly improving and each new series gets better.
  • They are now more lightweight and more durable.
  • They have a wide selection to accommodate users of smartphone brands and they come in many colors.

I would recommend checking into one of these when you are ready to use smartphone/ tablet APPS to add a new dimension to your Afterschool Homeschool!

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