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"Prevent Reading Struggles!"
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A Simple Program Yields Major Results

Okay, so I have found a great program to help you teach your children to read.  I mean, it is the program that I dreamed of.

  • It is very nicely laid out
  • It is purposeful--NOT just a bunch of entertainment
  • It is phonics based
  • It teaches vocabulary
  • it is FREE.

Yes, that's right!  Reading Bear is completely FREE.

If your child has been taught to read without addressing the benefits of phonics, and instead has been taught solely by whole language instruction, you will end up with a wobbly foundation.

When I first found it, and watched my children use it, I was so impressed I wanted to cry.  (I get that way when I Find Gems for my own children.)

I was so proud of my little ones--three and six years old at the time.

I was happy, because it flowed so perfectly with my own system, and because I thought of so many children who could benefit from this--- children much older than the recommended 4-7 age range that is suggested. 

It was such a great find. It was the EXACT program I had been dreaming of.

I kept thinking, "We'd better use it now. This won't be FREE long." 

As an educator, I noticed the classical music, the different font types, the sentences, the pictures ALONG with the videos and understood the purpose of each finely tuned addition.


Time Out!

Before, utilizing Reading Bear, you will want to make sure your child knows the letter sounds.  Click below, to teach the basics the easy way.

Use this proven, easiest way ever to teach the letter sounds!

Okay, Time In!

I will admit, I was a bit uneasy to offer Reading Bear on this section of because it is targeted at children in the 4-7 age range and I know that many of your children are older than this range.

Also, I have actually been using it with my own preschooler (three at the time of this writing) as a supplement to our own program and he has handled the program with great ease.

Video: My Homeschooled Preschooler and Reading Bear

Because of this, I assumed many parents of older children would ignore the recommendation, but then I found myself recommending it to more and more parents.

Not all of their children were in the 4-7 year old range. However, based their kids' reading struggles, I knew they could benefit greatly from Reading Bear.  

I realized, it really does stand true:

If your child has been taught to read without addressing the benefits of phonics, and instead has been taught solely by whole language instruction, you will end up with a wobbly foundation.

In order to fix any foundation in reading, you need to go back to the basics--no matter how old the reader is.

So here I am, recommending this fine program to assist you on your Afterschool Homeschooling journey.


Well, Reading Bear promotes reading fluency because it, “Does something that no other free phonics program does—sound out every word that is introduced, AT TWO SPEEDS, and blend it slowly, before full speed. This teaches both the individual parts of words and how they come together as a whole."1

This is sure to fill in the holes in your child’s foundation—no matter the age.

It also promotes Reading comprehension by introducing quite a bit of vocabulary!

Of course, depending on the age and experiences of your child, some of the vocabulary may or may not be so new.

Some things to point out:  If your child is older, there may be some parts that she will whiz right through. She may be bored and frustrated. (Embarrassed really.)   


You are seeking out reading programs for a reason:

Your child obviously needs some assistance with reading instruction., even though she may resist what she calls, "baby work".

Nudge her along. 

  • Tell her the importance of having the ability to read fluently.
  • Explain how a strong foundation in Reading Fluency helps to promote comprehension and eloquence.
  • Find out what she wants to be when she grow up.  
  • Point out how all of these Reading skills will aid her in her career choice.

In other words, let her know that you are helping her break free from a life of struggles and preparing her for a life of success.

Let her know that now is the time to start and you will need her help.

Recruit her as your partner and spur her along.  Praise her for her success.

NOTE: You can also try the Jumbled StructureTM materials for reading, if she still finds Reading Bear to be too 'youthful' for her liking.


Now of course, Reading Bear is one of many approaches. 

If you find that the platform is way too immature for your child, you can find other options here.

There are over 50 presentations and you can go in any order you want.  

You may choose to go in the order of the program's layout or you can choose to target specific areas you think would benefit your child at the moment.  

Although not required, I would suggest setting up an account and logging in each time you use it. This way you can keep a record of your child’s progress. 

Signing up for an account gives you the option to use the "Choose For Me” button.  I can never remember what lesson we did before, so I just click the "Choose For Me Button" and my little one is off.  

If you manually choose your lesson, you also get to choose whether you will have the words sounded out slowly or quickly for each individual lesson.  Otherwise, you can just fix your settings for the whole program one time.


  • If your child cannot pronounce the word when the system pauses for her to, she can just click on the word and it will be sounded out for her.
  • It has interludes where you will see a piece of well-known art and hear a bit of European classical music. It is designed to give the kiddos a break, as well as introduce them to some of the ‘classics'.  Some of the artwork has very religious, very Catholic under-tones--which I definitely do not endorse.  You can disable this feature if you choose.  

I must emphasize again, this is top-notch. I am not sure how long this will be free as it really is a high quality program.

Really! In this case, FREE does not mean second rate. 

Just the fact that you are allowed to customize some things to fit your child as an individual shows that Reading Bear is committed to helping your child learn to read.



Can you say Afterschool Homeschool friendly?

I think, yes!

Reading Bear is so traditional that it is non-traditional.  It definitely gets my seal of approval.

Check out Reading Bear.  I don't think you will be disappointed.

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