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More Ways to Gain Practice

Graphemic Recognition is a basic Reading skill which is based on the first and second building blocks of language: Phonemes and Morphemes.

Graphemes are just small parts of words as you see them written down (phonemes in print).

It is essential to ensure that your child has a firm grasp in phonics and grahemic recognition and in order to do that you will need to add some of these other ways to practice to your routine.

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One way to add extra practice is to vary the direction at which you approach the chart.  This removes rote memorization of the chart order and increases the memorization of the actual material on the chart.  

It increases difficulty slightly and ensures that your child’s brain is still engaged and continually learning and retaining.


Reading Fluency:  Easy, Fun Graphemic Recognition

Your child may prefer to learn in a more concrete fashion.  You can utilize something like scrabble tiles to put graphemes together.

Seeing the grapheme, touching the tiles, and listening to the phoneme (sound) that is made helps your child to take in the information using different senses.


If you are seeing your child constantly struggling to recognize the same graphemes (phonemes) try adding a ‘Phonics Example’ word list.  

For Example:

Suppose your child is struggling to recollect the sound for ‘ai’. You will get your "I Can Read It, Word List", by John Holzman, turn to Lesson 33, and read the list ‘ai’ of words.


You can grab your "The Reading Teacher's BOOK OF LISTS: Grades K-12, Fifth Edition",by Edward B. Fry PH.D and Jacqueline E. Kress ED.D., turn to List 9 and head down to the bottom of the page where you'll find the ‘ai’ words.

When you are finished with List 9 you can flip on over to List 11 and work on the ‘ai’ words in the Phonogram List.

The possibilities for Reading Progress are endless.

You just need to Find Your Gem for Reading.

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If you do choose to add the word lists to your graphemic recognition routine—HIGHLY RECOMMENDED--go over a lesson a week.

Have your child read one word list to you once or twice a day for a week.

You can add this to your structured  time together.

This is easy in "I Can Read It, ", because it is already divided into lessons.

If you choose "The BOOK OF LISTS",you will start with List 9 and work through the different sections—1 per week.

NOTE: You may want both books—one for home/one for travel.  

  • "I Can Read It", is much smaller and only contains word lists.
  • It is perfect for extended travel or even car rides home from school or to the grocery store.

  • "The Reading Teacher's BOOK OF LISTS", is much more extensive.

  • It contains a wealth of information.  It is big, heavy and perfect for you to keep at home for reference from younger grades on up. 

    It’s a great resource if you are in it for the long run when it comes to your child’s future Reading progress.

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More Ways to Practice

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