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As Easy As 1-2-3

Reading Fluency is Phase One of the Reading Cycle.

It is your child’s overall ability to read with speed, smoothness, and accuracy—whether reading aloud or not.  

The skills mastered in this phase lend themselves to strengthen your child’s ability in the other Two Phases:

  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Reading Eloquence.


Fluency Helps Comprehension

Teaching your child to read fluently aids in Reading Comprehension because your child will not exert so much energy and focus into sounding words out.  This will allow her to focus on understanding and therefore enjoying the passage she may be reading.

Fluency Helps Eloquence

Teaching your child to read with fluency will aid in Reading Eloquence because once your child begins to read with ease she will have enough skills and MORE confidence to read any passage aloud—just the way the author intended—by focusing on the punctuation marks that have been given.

The less attention your child gives to decoding words, the more attention she can give to ‘reading with feeling’ to give the words and sentences meaning—both in Connotation and Inflection.

NOTE: Although the Reading Cycle is listed in different phases they constantly overlap.  

In that sense, they are actually a continuous spiral--constantly coming around; helping one another at different times at different levels. 

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AS EASY AS 1-2-3

When trying to teach fluency in your Afterschool Homeschool it is all about Recognition.

There are THREE components of recognition you will want to teach.

  1. Graphemic Recognition
  2. Frequency Word Recognition
  3. Punctuation Mark Recognition

Teaching your child these three components in the way that I suggest on the following pages should take less than 15 minutes of structured time per day.

The key is to Reading Progress is: DO NOT work on these components and their corresponding lists in isolation for long periods of time.  

Instead, focus on them in the context of your reading material. 

As you are reading, choose a few items from the lists to focus on. Allow your child to read and discuss them with you.


1.) Graphemic Recognition 

2.) Frequency Word Recognition

 3.) Punctuation Mark Recognition

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Homework Help > Reading Help > Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency

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