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Providing Quality Reading Help Will Help With So Much More

Reading is such a major milestone in the life of a child.  

I heard it said by one parent, “Watching your child learn to walk is one thing but watching your child learn to read is an amazing moment.”

I completely share this sentiment.  When a child learns to read, the door to the world opens up to them.  

This is why providing reading help in your Afterschool Homeschool can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world!

It is key to get your child off to a smooth start.

There are three Phases of the Reading Cycle: 

If you focus on these extremely essential skills, you will be helping to grow a poised and confident reader who is capable of achieving great things!

As far as the classroom goes, your child will begin to earn high Lexile Measurement scores and better grades in general.

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But What About the Struggling Reader

If your child is already struggling in Reading, you’re probably quite aware of how essential it is to continually improve reading skills. 

Once you help your child you will see how much easier it will be to master many other skills.

Think about it, if your child needs reading improvement, they will:

  • Not be able to fully understand the Science text or the word problems in Math.
  • Not have the full capabilities to proofread and edit the essay questions on the big test.

If your child can’t read well and doesn’t have the opportunity to improve reading skills, the struggles will continue on in life.  

Think about applications and resumes; think about instructions and directions.

The list really can go on and on.

Truly, reading is fundamental.

Struggling or not, you have a great opportunity and a very real responsibility to give your child a strong foundation.

You just need to Find the Gem(s) that work best for your child, and, of course, that is what Afterschool Homeschooling is all about.

Get started Finding Your Gem(s) for Reading Improvement, now!

Phonics vs Whole Language Reading: There’s an ongoing debate on whether Reading should be taught by phonics instruction by whole language instruction. Get key info and decide what is best for your child.

PHASE ONE--Reading Fluency: As Phase One of the Reading Cycle, it is your child’s overall ability to read with speed, smoothness, and accuracy. The skills mastered in this phase provide the foundation to strengthen your child’s overall reading ability.

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