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So how does “Finding the Gem” look when trying to find help with reading improvement?

It looks pretty simple—as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1.) Style

2.) Situation

3.) Skills 

This 1, 2, 3 approach will then help you to pick out the proper Sections, Sources, and Set-up for your Afterschool Homeschool.


Always remember to seek out your child’s learning style.

You will find the best Reading resources once you are more in tune with what your child enjoys and how they best process any information that is presented to them.


Find out exactly what is going on

  • Does your child really need reading improvement or is he just embarrassed to read in front of others?

This is very real research and I always suggest speaking with your child as well as with your child’s teacher to get ALL the details.  

As long as you are homeschooling AFTER school it would be wise to keep a good rapport with your child’s teacher.  It will keep the two of you on the same page as far as what steps should be taken to ensure the best results for your child’s success.

Just remember, you are the advocate.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Don’t be afraid to make suggestions.

It is YOUR child we are speaking of.  Your child will still be YOUR child even when his teacher changes.


Unlike Math, Reading skills are not as easily measured on a test.  

So the process to finding out your child’s skill level will take a bit more than a test. 

It will take a test, a talk, and a tale…or two.

A Test

It is important to test your child and find out their reading level, which is sometimes given a Lexile Measurement score.

There are three options that I recommend for this task.  

Check them out and decide.

Testing Options

A Talk

Again, you will want to communicate with your child’s teacher to find out exactly which sections in which your child requires the most Reading improvement.

As you are discussing the situation in the classroom, don’t forget to discuss the key areas where your child’s teacher sees the most problems.  

Take suggestions, present your plan of action, and try to work together.

A Tale

If you have not already, find some good books and enjoy them with your child.  

Listening to your child read is the easiest and quickest way to assess her Reading skills.  

As an added bonus, having your child listen to you read builds bonding moments and allows you the best opportunity to model the key components of reading; fluency and eloquence in particular, but comprehension as well.

When the Going Gets Tough...Continue On

As stated before, Finding the Gem for Reading Improvement does take time.  

You will have to put in some time to get your child back on track and improve reading skills.

Don’t give up.

If your child is struggling to read and your patience and support allows you to be right there when that light bulb goes on you will undoubtedly feel as proud as though your precious baby is learning to walk all over again.

Homework Help > Reading Help > Reading Improvement Gem

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