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San Diego Quick Reading Assessment Test

San Diego
Quick Reading
Assessment Test

Download the FREE  Jumbled Structure San Diego Quick Reading Assessment Test!

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Save your child from the heartache that Reading Struggles and Failure can bring.

The San Diego Quick Reading Assessment Test is a quick and effective way to ‘informally’ test your child’s reading ability.

You just have your child read through the list of words one level at a time—making note of any mistakes.  

When you get to a level where your child makes two or more mistakes you have found your child’s reading level!

Stop the test.

It’s just that simple.

The premise is that your child should have enough Reading Ability in his particular level to recognize these words out of context (without the sentences that go with them).

 When the words get too challenging, your child has moved into a level that he is NOT ready to be in.

  • One or fewer mistakes = Independent (“I can do this.”) Reading Level
  • Two mistakes = On Target (“I may need your help.”) Reading Level
  • Three or more mistakes = Frustration (“This is way over my head.”) Reading Level


PROS of the San Diego Quick Reading Assessment Test

Quick and Easy

Your child doesn’t have to endure a long assessment test.  It is a very easy way to measure Reading progress.  


Your child does NOT have to be told what level he is on.

CONS of the San Diego Quick Reading Assessment Test


Unlike MetaMetrics’ Lexile Measurement, the San Diego Assessment doesn’t come with a list of reading materials that match up to your child’s levels of the assessment. 

You still have to seek out material that is on the same level your child is on.  

This may NOT be easy. 


The San Diego Quick Reading Assessment Test does not give any indication as to whether or not your child understands the context of the words in his 'On Target' level.  It only just suggests that he will be able to read such words fluently.

Since Reading Fluency is the first phase of the Reading Cycle, you shouldn’t worry about this too much.

In other words, we will get there.  Assess now... then strengthen.

This is still a great resource.  It will definitely come in handy as you are Finding Your Gem for Reading Improvement.

When tutoring, I use it as a quick way to assess children and provide immediate feedback to their parents especially if there is no time for a more detailed assessment.

You will like it, I am sure.

NOTE: In order to make the most of your Assessment results, be sure to read up on the following topics:

Finding Your Gem for Reading Improvement

Phonics vs. Whole Language

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