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Pros and Cons

These are my experiences with our local Sylvan.

I understand that Sylvan franchises.  

If you are interested in Sylvan you will have to put your treasure hunter hat on and make sure the center in your local area is enough of a jewel to be included in your Afterschool Homeschool.

I believe my list of pros and cons will be beneficial to get you started.

Again, my experience with our Sylvan was brief.

However, we were able to walk away with some thoughts.

Sylvan Learning

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Aged Child Headed 
for Reading Struggles!


Extremely Professional

My husband is the parent that actually took my girls in and he alone went to the ‘results’ meeting.  

He stated that the staff, was very professional and made him feel—from the very onset-- that he would like to have his children work with Sylvan.


As I said, we opted not to utilize the tutoring services that our local Sylvan Learning Center offered.

However, while my girls were there they were engaged and treated with respect by the Sylvan staff.  I think this is key as some professional services targeted at children are anything but child friendly.

Thoroughly Thorough

Sylvan was thorough enough in their explanation of where my girls stood academically that my husband was able to come home and give me a precise summation of the girls’ learning level and where they excelled or needed improvement. 

The Sylvan Staff also sent him home with a wonderful packet that further simplified the results.  

So even if he had just given me the papers and said, “Here are the results.” I would have understood everything.

I really appreciated that because sometimes I like to sit and read and reread things.  It also makes it easy to tell grandparents about the how their grand babies are doing.

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Sylvan gave a well laid out plan describing where they wanted to take my girls academically and how they would get there.  I really liked that.

It provided us, as parents, with a sure measure of accountability if we were to take them up on their offer.


Sylvan offers a variety of options.

They have an online tutoring program, in-center tutoring program, and in-school tutoring.

They even have specially created specially created workbooks and Sylvan Learning Reading Success Kits available for students to use at home and iPads to use while in the center.



As I said, the price was not going to work for our family at the time.

We all know that tutoring can be pricey but I just wanted a supplemental program so that I could get our brand new home in order as well as give the girls different interactions as we explored our new land.

This was our only CON when we worked with our Sylvan Learning Center.


If money is not a consideration for you and you really want a tutor for your child, I would suggest giving Sylvan a whirl. 

Just the mere fact that they offer online tutoring, in-center tutoring, in-school tutoring, and workbooks for home, shows that they understand that learning is NOT a one-size-fits-all activity.

This mentality fits Afterschool Homeschooling perfectly.

Their recent addition of iPads for personalized digital learning in some of their centers is just the type of forward thinking that makes Afterschool Homeschooling work!

I am so thankful my girls were not struggling as I had initially thought because I really would have hated to pass up such a quality learning center if we’d really needed the help.

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