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Special Evening Edition: The Afterschool Homeschooler, Issue #006--But Wait! There's More
September 04, 2014

Issue 6, But Wait! There's More!, September 4, 2014

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Good Evening,

In the last issue of the Afterschool Homeschooler we talked about some great things happening!

RECAP: is STILL in the process of getting a makeover.

We're bumping up our Preschool Homeschool section and are still planning to add a section concerning Homeschooling College.

We are looking to change the name of this newsletter from The Afterschool Homeschooler to something more encompassing.

Be on the lookout for more details.

In this Special Evening Issue we will focus on current events.

The outcome of our giveaway!

Our Winner

Jennifer C. of New Jersey
is the winner of the Fellowes L80-95 Laminator Giveaway!!!

Yaayyyy!!! For Jennifer!

Her Fellowes L80-95 Laminator has already been shipped to her!

Of course you already know this if you've checked us out on the Afterschool Homeschool Facebook Page, the Preschool Homeschool Facebook Page, or, if you've visited me at My Preschool Homeschool Page on YouTube.

Don't forget to check out the Fellowes Idea Center for fun laminating ideas, Jennifer!

I want to personally thank Jennifer, and you , for participating in our very first giveaway!

I also want to thank Fellowes, and, the very kind, Eileen, who was so easy to work with during the laminator campaign!

It was fun!

Another Giveaway?

You can always purchase a Fellowes L80-95 Laminator from (Unfortunately Amazon has discontinued their $6 off coupon. However, they are always adding sales, so be on the lookout!)

Oh, remember the eGift card I told you about before. I'm going to tell you how you can win that now.

You didn't think I forgot about it did you?

There is going to be another giveaway!

This is a fast and furious giveaway and it is only open to subscribers of The Afterschool Homeschooler (both old and new).

The winner will receive (by email) one (1) eGift card in the amount of $5.00 for

All you have to do is sign-up!

Consider it a roll call of sorts.

It is a way to show my appreciation.

Follow this link to an Exclusive Page--only available through this issue of The Afterschool Homeschooler!

You will find OFFICIAL RULES as well!

When I say fast and furious I really mean it.

In other words, DON'T DELAY.

Have fun!

A Keepsake

Just For Fun

IlluStory A+ Book Kit is a great way to turn your child’s artistic talent into a memorable keepsake.

The Illustory kit allows your child to create a story and the art to go with it, and then turn it into a book!

The book will be full-color, hardcover, and professionally typeset!

Not only is this great for displaying artwork, it is a great way to get your reluctant writer excited about writing.

A great option to consider is 'sharing the load'. You can be the author and he can be the illustrator.

You can create memories together!

You can also try My Masterpiece. It is solely for art.

Because every child deserves to feel inspired, admired, motivated, engaged and enriched. Let us help you nurture your child's unique spirit

That's all for this edition of

The Afterschool Homeschooler

I do hope you have enjoyed it. Please be on the lookout for more.

As always...

Remember to tell a friend,


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