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The Afterschool Homeschooler, Issue #003 --
February 18, 2014

Issue #003, February 6, 2014

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The second half of the school year is moving right along. It is at this time that most schools are frantically preparing students to pass their end-of-year assessments.

How would you rate this year so far?

Have you seen great improvements?

Do you know if your child is going to be ready?

In this issue

we will go back to the basics of Style,Siituation, and Skill to help you answer those questions.

Dr. Anthont Tran, ---------weigh's in on a very real, often overlooked situation in the classroom. Are you in a in a pinch? Try this tried and true way to get things back on track while you catch your breath skills as this year closes outhelp you answer these questions.


Sadly, many moms and dads have NO CLUE where their kids are academically.

Many will be blissfully ignorant of the status of their children. Choosing not to reap the benefits of being a major part of their children's academic success

Others will feel helpless and hopeless as this year rapidly approaches a close.

They will be shocked, frustrated, and angry when they receive notice that their child is struggling and MAY NOT EVEN PASS HIS OR HER CURRENT GRADE.

This is a sad situation and it is painful for parents as well as children.

However, not all parents will be caught off guard.

Those parents have chosen to take control. If you have been following's “Finding the Gem” process, you know full well by now where your child stands and you have already begun taking the necessary steps to ensure the success of your child—NOT just for this year’s testing, but for all the years to come.

Aren’t you glad that you have chosen to take control of your child’s future!

You've chosen to get off of the emotional roller-coaster that comes with each year's uncertainties.

By now, you realize the benefits of being THE advocate for your child.

For those of you who are in crunch time and really need help there is still hope.

You can begin, RIGHT NOW!

There is still time to start the process of finding out what is causing any struggles your child may be having.

Start by finding out more about your child's Style, Situation, an Skills. You can still find out what works and save this school year by finding out your child's style, the complete situation, and his or her current skill level. Keep Reading for some tips on how!


Your child learns in his or her own way and you have the unique privilege of finding out what works.

It can be quite a rewarding experience.

There are a few things you must do to be successful in this area.

Look, Listen, Learn.

Look at what your child is "into". Watch and make note of what makes her eyes light up. Take notice of what seems to take every ounce of enthusiasm out of her.

Listen to what her conversation is about. What get's her excited.

Caring and observing.

It is simple but it works so well.

Check out how I used this simple process to make learning easier for two of my daughters. Mo Jo

Situation-A Word From The Doctor

Promoting Healthy Eyes: Is 20/20 Really Good Enough?

So your daughter went to her annual pediatric visit and she passed the eye test with flying colors.

She has 20/20 vision! That's great, but is that enough?

Dr. Anthony Tran, OD, MBA, FAAO, from Custom Eyes Vision Care in Cedar Hill, Texas, explains to us how 20/20 vision is just a small portion of overall eye health and how routine eye care can uncover other--more significant-- eye problems.

"While performing an eye exam, I am often asked the question “What does 20/20 really mean?” It seems that from the vision screenings by the school nurse to the vision testing at the driver’s license office, we have always been taught that “20/20” means perfect vision. However, that is not necessarily always the case but rather far from the truth sometimes."

"From children to adults, there are many common eye disorders and diseases that can go undetected for years because the vision was always measured to be 20/20 and therefore deemed to be “normal”.

"Children often do not know how they should be seeing because they assume everyone sees the way they do. Because of this, the American Optometric Association recommends that all children receive a professional eye and vision examination at critical stages in their visual development."

Read Dr. Tran's full article to find out these critical stages and to learn more about how eye health could be a situation that is causing your child frustration in the classroom and you both frustration at homework time.

Although, never my first suggestion, you can try seeking out a tutor for your child in the meantime.

If you find the right tutor, they can help you understand more about where your child is struggling and help YOU BOTH get on the right track.

Find out more about tutor selection here.

Who was your child meant to become?

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Are you without words as to how proud you are with the improvements you’ve seen in your child since you’ve started your Afterschool Homeschool journey?

Are you bursting with excitement to share your child’s accomplishments since you’ve taken more control of his academics and bravely started Afterschool Homeschooling?

Well, an Afterschool Homeschool Yearbook is a great way to preserve your memories and share them with those you love.

So, if, in all of your pride and excitement, you were unable to do anything but grab a camera, you'll be glad see the ideas we've come up with.

Some of you have already seen this little addition to the site but for those of you who haven’t, check it out!

You'll find some fun ideas to preserve your trials and triumphs as well as share them with others.

It is the end of the year and spending some time gathering all those PICS is a perfect way to close it out!

Afterschool Homeschool Yearbook Ideas!

Have High Schoolers? will be rolling out a series of resources to help your high schooler (or your very advanced middle schooler) get a jump on college.

Believe me, it is not a crazy idea.

My oldest—who is thirteen at the moment—is currently working on earning her first 6 college credits.

I get so excited thinking of how much money we are going to save!

If you have children who are ready for this step, I'm sure you'll be excited to find out how much college tuition cash you can save as well.

Although it is still in the works, I can let you in on the key of the players in the line-up.

  1. Aleks

  2. StraighterLine

    Save 15000 - Straighterline

  3. InstantCert Academy

    (If you are super eager, be sure to use code 72622 to get a discount.)
  4. SpeedyPrep

No Need to Delay!

Use These Resources and Bring the Dreams of Your Child's College Graduation Into Clear Focus!

That's all for this edition of

The Afterschool Homeschooler.

I do hope you have enjoyed it. Please be on the lookout for more.

As always...

Remember to tell a friend,


Forever Faith

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