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Special Edition: The Afterschool Homeschooler, Issue #005--Good Things to Come
August 19, 2014

Issue 5, Just a Note to Say, August 19, 2014

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It has been some time since I've touched base with you and I wanted to let you know of some things in the works at is getting a makeover and will soon be hosting a giveaway!

We've started a Preschool Homeschool section and are still planning to add a section concerning Homeschooling College.

Whew, it's more work than it sounds and things have NOT been moving as smoothly as anticipated.

Also,because of the changes and additions, the Afterschool Homeschooler will be getting a new name.

Keep Reading for more details.

A Makeover

When first began, it looked like this: Afterschool Homeschool at the Very Beginning

Then this: Afterschool Homeschool Early Makeover

This is what's happening today: Afterschool Homeschool Right Now

There are still many changes in the works and if you browse through the pages you can see both the OLD and NEW layout mingled together.

Thanks for your patience as everything gets spruced up and squared away.

An Addition

You already know that truly successful Afterschool Homeschoolers began as Preschool Homeschoolers and, to provide assistance to the proud daddies and mommies of little ones, we've added a Preschool Homeschool section to our site, which can be reached directly at:

It is in it's growing stages and is designed to assist and encourage those of you with little ones to take advantage of every learning opportunity--From Day One!

I also give a glimpse into My Preschool Homeschool via video, which can be seen here:

A Giveaway

Thanks to the kind folks at Fellowes, who value education and parental involvement, we will be hosting our very first giveaway!

We will soon be giving away a Fellowes L80-95 Laminator!

As a subscriber to the Afterschool Homeschooler, you are already enrolled in the giveaway.


You can learn more about the L80-95 and my experience with it here.

Stay Tuned for OFFICIAL RULES, as well as ways to win an E-Gift card to use towards the purchase of a Fellowes L80-95 Laminator.

A Change

Because of the additions of so many "necessary" areas to the site, the name of the newsletter will be changing.

I say 'necessary' because, as I said earlier, Preschool Homeschooling paves the way for Afterschool Homeschooling. If you have little ones, it is necessary that you get involved in their learning very early on.

It makes the difference between just sharing homework stress with your child to sharing wonderful, purposeful learning with your child.

Also, Preschool Homeschoolers naturally make great full time homeschoolers, and many Afterschool Homeschoolers plan to transition into full-time homeschooling.

Furthermore, homeschoolers naturally look toward the future and find Homeschool College to be a great benefit, as it saves both time and money.

It is also super easy to transition into because they are already familiar with their child's learning style and academic level.

You see how it all goes together? An all encompassing name needs to be chosen.

As of yet, a no suitable replacement name has come up.

Be on the lookout!

A Keepsake

Just For Fun

IlluStory A+ Book Kit is a great way to turn your child’s artistic talent into a memorable keepsake.

The Illustory kit allows your child to create a story and the art to go with it, and then turn it into a book!

The book will be full-color, hardcover, and professionally typeset!

Not only is this great for displaying artwork, it is a great way to get your reluctant writer excited about writing.

A great option to consider is 'sharing the load'. You can be the author and he can be the illustrator.

You can create memories together!

You can also try My Masterpiece. It is solely for art.

Because every child deserves to feel inspired, admired, motivated, engaged and enriched. Let us help you nurture your child's unique spirit

That's all for this edition of

The Afterschool Homeschooler

I do hope you have enjoyed it. Please be on the lookout for more.

As always...

Remember to tell a friend,


Forever Faith

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