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Tutoring Services

Although, it is NOT my first suggestion, obtaining a professional tutor does not spell defeat for your Afterschool Homeschool.

It can spell alternative. 

                   It can spell options. 

                                    It can spell extra assistance.

                                                   It can spell T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E  F-O-U-N-D.

Find a Local Tutor Today


  • You may choose an outside tutor just for immediate assistance while you get more familiar with your child’s education and Afterschool Homeschooling.
  • You may choose to add tutoring temporarily if you have life circumstances that cause you to scale back on you Afterschool Homeschooling.  (i.e. caring for a sick parent).
  • You may choose an outside tutor for a detailed assessment of your child's current skills to help point you in the right direction.

Choosing the perfect tutoring program does NOT have to defeat your Afterschool Homeschooling efforts.

Just remember, you are still in charge and just as in all areas of your Afterschool Homeschool you take what you know about your child and allow that to be your driving force in choosing the tutoring program that will help your child succeed.


When it comes to adding professional tutoring to your Afterschool Homeschool, you have an abundance of options.

It takes as little as 8 hours of one-on-one tutoring to improve a full letter grade, according to a nationwide poll of private tutors on Search for a tutor today!
  • Online tutoring programs
  • Face to face 
  • Group  services
  • One on one tutoring.

You even have the option to choose from a plethora of local yet not well known tutors, local midsized tutoring branches, or even a nationally known branch such as Sylvan, Kumon, or Huntington.

With all of the options available, it is wonderful to start the search with the Afterschool Homeschool mind set.


  • "I am the best education resource for my child. I have the right and the responsibility to decide what scenario works best.”


  • “Would my child do better with online tutoring programs or should we consider face-to-face tutoring?” 
  • “Does my child prefer one-on-one tutoring or would group tutoring work best with her Learning Style?”
  • "Do we need a full tutoring program or will some workbooks from a respected tutoring center like Sylvan work for us? 

It is all up to you!  Research, research, research.

Your child will thank you for all your hard work!

Local One on One Tutors

WyzAnt Tutor Search: With over 70,000 tutors and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you are sure to find the perfect tutor for your child

Online Tutoring Services

In-Center Tutoring Services

Sylvan Learning Centers: Tutoring centers that use an individualized approach to meet you and your child where you are and get learning back on track.

Homework Help > Tutoring Services

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