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Mental Math...Simplified

If you are looking for a great alternative to teach your child quick, mental math, look no further than Vedic Maths!

It takes basic math skills like adding and subtracting the numbers 1-9 as well as multiplication tables and assists in solving complex math skills with ease.


  • Your six year old solving problems like 1000-653 or 1000-375 mentally--with no pencil and paper--within a matter of seconds.
  • Your child struggling with fractions and finding a way to make quick mental work of the problems.
  • Your nine year old being able to successfully multiply 97x89 mentally--with speed and no stress at all.

It is NOT impossible.  

In fact, the above examples come from the scene in my house the day I introduced Vedics to my children.

I found the  system as I was looking for special techniques for mental math to share with you.

I was instantly hooked and so were my girls!  

After you try the tutorials be sure to share your experience below.


Well actually, the Vedic system is NOT new.

It originated in India when a man by the name of Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960) began reconstructing some of the ancient Vedas.  

Veda means knowledge and some believe these texts are as old as 300BC.

Tirthaji began reconstructing the vedas in 1911 and completed the project in 1918.

The interest and use of this system has been growing ever since.


There are many who do not feel that Vedic Maths is true Math.  

They feel as though the techniques are some kind of Math tricks or ‘magical potion’ that dumbs down traditional Math.

Interestingly enough, I found that most of the opponents of the techniques were Math professors in India where it originated.  Many stated that the calculator is better.  

My argument: Of course the calculator is better.  However, the calculator removes the brain power completely.


Just like the traditional/conventional way we do Math, the VEDIC SYSTEM WORKS!

Only, it's:

  • Much quicker!!
  • Much more unified!
  • Much more user friendly!
  • Much more FUN.

As a homeschooler, I believe that Math is one of those subjects where ALL techniques should be permitted.

At this point I plan to utilize it along with other math curricula such as Singapore Math and Life of Fred Mathematics.

However, I understand that as you are Afterschool Homeschooling, your goal is to provide homework help that does not interfere with your child’s classroom learning.  

If you have concerns speak with your child’s Math teacher and ask if there is a better recommendation for teaching mental Math.

Be sure to show them the process first, because anything unfamiliar can be scary and therefore met with scowls before it is even given the proper opportunity.

Don't forget you are the advocate, however. 

Remember to do what works best for your child.


It can be also introduced gradually as calculators are.  

Most Math teachers do not allow calculators until the Math concepts and formulas are understood.

Well, you could use the Vedic system during a transition from hand written formulas and equations to the calculator.

The process would look as follows:

  1. Work with your child utilizing the homework and techniques given at school—not allowing the use of a calculator.
  2. Introduce Vedic Maths as a Mental Math / Speed Math alternative—still not allowing that calculator.
  3. Allow the use of the calculator once you are satisfied that your child has the necessary skills to handle the work without the calculator.
  4. Switch it up often.  Revisit each skill periodically to ensure retention and ability.
For more assistance in the Vedic program you can Click Here!


I asked a local high school math teacher his opinion on the mental math skills that can be gained with Vedic Mathematics as well as the possible problems that may occur with trying to utilize the system along with traditional mathematics.

He thought  the few examples that I shared with him were beneficial and has considered presenting them to his principal as an addition to the current Math curriculum.

Maybe you'll have the same positive reaction.

Why don't you check out some of these Vedic Maths tutorials and share your thoughts below?

Blown Away By Vedic Maths Tutorials?

Did the Vedic Maths Tutorials make you feel like a Math genius?

If so, are you courageous enough to use Vedic Maths in your afterschool homeschool?

Share your thoughts here.

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