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Jan 05, 2017

San Diego Quick Reading Assessment

San Diego Quick Reading Assessment Test: A quick and effective way to ‘informally’ test your child’s reading ability. Take 10 minutes and get your child started on the journey to reading success.

Continue reading "San Diego Quick Reading Assessment"

Jul 23, 2016

Afterschool Homeschool: Homework Help Opening the Door to Endless Possibilities

Creative and innovative homework help solutions that empower parents to think outside the school building and take the frustration out of homework time.

Continue reading "Afterschool Homeschool: Homework Help Opening the Door to Endless Possibilities"

Jul 23, 2016

Sylvan Learning Center Pros and Cons

Sylvan Learning Center: Pros and Cons of choosing a Sylvan Tutoring Center to come along side you to help you get your child ahead--NOT just for this school year but for all the years to come!.

Continue reading "Sylvan Learning Center Pros and Cons"

Jun 21, 2016

Jumbled Structure

Jumbled Structure Easy Learning Curriculum sets a new standard for easy teaching.

Continue reading "Jumbled Structure"

Feb 27, 2016

Classroom Environment

Your child's classroom environment can be a help or a hindrance. Read a true example of how knowing ALL the details can help you to advocate for your child and provide more effective homework help.

Continue reading "Classroom Environment"

Dec 31, 2015

Phonics vs Whole Language

Phonics vs Whole Language: There’s an ongoing debate on whether Reading should be taught by phonetic instruction by whole language instruction. Get key info and decide what is best for your child.

Continue reading "Phonics vs Whole Language"

Aug 24, 2015

Could Vision Problems Be the Cause Of Your Childs Problem in the Classroom?

Vision Problems: Optometrist, Dr. Anthony Tran, brings the true meaning of 20/ 20 vision into clear focus.

Continue reading "Could Vision Problems Be the Cause Of Your Childs Problem in the Classroom?"

Aug 21, 2015

A VARK Learning Styles Discovery Keeps Daughter Confident

VARK Learning Styles: A brief description of my oldest daughter, Mo and how recognizing her individuality and preferred way to learn helped her to transition from tween to teen without frustration.

Continue reading "A VARK Learning Styles Discovery Keeps Daughter Confident"

Aug 21, 2015

Learning Styles--The Take Away

Learning Styles: The DOs and DON'Ts of using your child's learning preferences to help teach.

Continue reading "Learning Styles--The Take Away"

Aug 21, 2015

Learning Styles: “UGH! Why My Life Is Like This?”

Learning Styles: A funny Story about how caring and observing your child in action is the best way to find out his or her preferred way to learn.

Continue reading "Learning Styles: “UGH! Why My Life Is Like This?”"

Aug 21, 2015

Better Homework Help: Finding The Gem

Finding the Gem: Provide more focused, more effective Homework Help for your child by using what you already know about your child, along with some new discoveries to pick out the best resources.

Continue reading "Better Homework Help: Finding The Gem"

Sep 02, 2014

Laminator Card and Pictures

I don't have a story about a laminator, but I have been unemployed since January 2009, and unable to find employment. However, I would like to open

Continue reading "Laminator Card and Pictures"

Sep 02, 2014

Playdough Mats

I just started my homeschool preschool and have so many mats that I would want to laminate and keep for the long haul.

Continue reading "Playdough Mats"

Sep 02, 2014

Organizing Life

I would use the laminator for pictures so they don't get ruined. I would also use it for homework purposes (make my own quizzes and be able to erase

Continue reading "Organizing Life"

Aug 29, 2014

Luggage Tags

For luggage tags I like to make my own. I use bright colors to make the tag noticeable, so it's easy to spot on the luggage carousel. It's always fun

Continue reading "Luggage Tags"

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