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In order to find your perfect gem (or gems), and begin providing more focused, more effective homework help, you will want to start out with a complete assessment. 

Now, by assessment I don’t just mean a test.  Trust me, we’ll get to that.

I mean something a bit more encompassing.

I mean get to know your child and get to know the details…


You're soon going to be an expert at this, but to get you started let us focus on

This, in turn, will help you pick out the proper Sections, Sources, and Set-up to make the most of your Afterschool Homeschool.

Find Your Gem for READING

Reading Improvement Gem

Find Your Gem for WRITING

Find Your Gem for       MATH

Math Homework Help Gem


Do you know what learning style your child leads with? 

Although it’s often overlooked and sometimes debated, having a working knowledge of your child’s preferred learning style can really be a determining factor when it comes to how successful you’ll be at providing the proper homework help in your Afterschool Homeschool.  

This is because you will know whether your child learns better with sights, sounds, or touch.  You’ll know whether they like groups or alone time.


Need Math Homework Help? Once you understand your child’s learning style you’ll be better able to choose between online Math help resources or something more tangible like workbooks. 

Knowing more about your child’s preferred learning style could help you decide on some math manipulatives like Base Ten Counters or Cuisenaire Rods to provide hands on experience.

Need Reading Help? Knowing your child’s leading learning style may help you to better understand if his or her Reading comprehension problems are arising because of what your child sees or what he or she hears. 

If, for no other reason, find your child’s leading style to see why the current school materials may not be the best fit.  

Sound intriguing? 

Find out more about your child’s learning style, now.


What’s really going on?  

There are many factors that can cause learning difficulties.

Find out exactly why your child is in need of more advanced homework help.

  • Does he or she suffer from Math anxiety or, perhaps, a math learning disability known as dyscalculia?
  • What about Writing?  Is he/she having difficulties holding the pencil properly and thus causing pain or are the writing sessions not laid out correctly?

Do a bit of research.  

Ask your child some questions.  Ask the teacher some questions; even if the questions seem tough.  You need to know so you can take the right approach and find the right resources.


It can make a world of difference. 

Read how something as simple as a  noisy classroom caused one young girl to fail her end-of-year state assessment test.


In order to provide the best help, you are eventually going to have to pinpoint your child’s actual skill level.

Knowing your child’s skill level in each Subject will help you to correctly identify any learning gaps that need to be filled in as well as any areas where your child has a solid understanding.

Once strengths and weaknesses are identified, you’ll be able to target the Sections in each Subject area that best meet the immediate need. 

Learn more about skill levels and the best ways to assess your child’s skill level in each subject.



After you have a solid understanding of your child’s Learning Style, complete Situation, and current Skill level in your chosen subject, check below to begin working on the appropriate Sections with the best Sources!

InstantCert Academy,CLEP,DSST,ECE,TECEP


I know this may seem like a lot of work.  

However, you must begin reconstructing your child’s foundation in Reading, Writing, and Math by filling in any major learning gaps, NOW.


Please know that your efforts to provide better homework help now will make all the difference later.  

Once you begin to give the individualized attention, you’ll notice—with great satisfaction--learning gaps filling in and the pieces of the puzzle coming together.  

This will lead to reduced frustration during the times you're providing homework help as well as in the classroom.

Homework Help > Finding The Gem

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